CNET Networks: 1996 - 2001 / by Michael Ng

My first "real" job began at CNET Networks back in 1996. I had an internship there while attending the Academy of Art University. I was majoring in Interactive Digital Media so starting out by reviewing software for CD-ROM Central seemed like a perfect match. I also edited video segments for the old TV show CNET Central. This all quickly led to a full time job.

CNET was the perfect place for anyone into technology and the internet at the time to start their career. All the inspiration under one roof with all these amazing and talented people.

From there I began producing websites for CNET's sales department and the Creative Sponsorship Team; working on million dollar deals with sponsors like Intel.

I then became a technical producer and eventually managing technical producer for CNET (now defunct). Coding feature stories, organizing event coverage and managing a team of producers, I'm very proud of all the work I did there.