What They Like: 2007 - 2009 / by Michael Ng

Becoming a parent in 2005 was a life changing event for me.  Suddenly I cared.  Cared for my son's future.  Cared for what he was and was not exposed to while he grew up.  It was also a time when I personally felt it was time to grow up a little.  This was a change that several other of my peers at Ziff Davis Media felt as well.

In 2007 I followed a few of them on a new and exciting venture to create What They Like Inc. where we were to produce several websites for the parent in mind.  Our first site was WhatTheyPlay.com, The Family Guide to Video Games.  What's really in these games? Why does it have a Mature rating. What specific content is in there for it to deserve that rating.  It was a great idea and we definitely filled a void in the media that needed this kind of attention.

We were a small exciting start up and I was brought on to be their Director of Production but really what that meant was I did everything from decision making through front end development. Everything from coding the templates, daily reviews, feature content and sales sponsorships.