Atari Arcade Duo for iPad Coming Soon: You Looking iCade? / by Michael Ng

Atari Arcade Duo for iPad Coming Soon: You Looking iCade?:

Hardware controllers are the new fad for iOS gaming, particularly for the iPad. We’ve already seen the fling controllers, and recently been watching the iCade gaming cabinet become quite popular, but it looks like Atari may be looking to join into the market with it’s own Atari Arcade Duo Powered joystick.

The accessory looks like an Atari controller for your iPad. One curious note is that this joystick will actually connect to the iPad with a 30-pin connector, not bluetooth like the iCade does.

As pointed out by TUAW, the open design allows for either a landscape or portrait orientation. So what can you use this joystick for? Well, for now you’ll be playing Atari’s Greatest Hits iOS app. But hey, it’s still a cool concept though, right? DVICE reports that the accessory will be available beginning October 2 for $60. Count me in.

[via TUAW]