More Lego Awesomeness Than You Can Shake a Brick At / by Michael Ng

More Lego Awesomeness Than You Can Shake a Brick At: It's been a good week for Lego... or at least people who like Legos. First there was the announcement of the Lego Super Heroes game, and the reveal of some of the sets, then Lego Gears of War this morning... and it keeps getting better, because here are series 6 and 7 of the Lego mini-figure line:

Series 6 includes: Alien,Bandit,Butcher,Female Surgeon,Genie,Flamenco Dancer,Highlander,Leprechaun,Mechanic,Minotaur,Robot,Roman Warrior,Skater Girl,Sleepy Child, Space Woman, and Statue of Liberty (not pictured in that order, obviously).

Series 7 includes: Aztec Warrior, Bride, Bunny Suit Guy, Daredevil, Dark Knight, Female Rock Star, Female Viking, Geek, Hippie, Jungle Boy, Male Tennis Player, Merman, Olympian Swimmer, Red Riding Hood, Sci-Fi Warrior, and Scottish Bagpipe Player. I want the Sci-Fi Warrior to be my best friend.

Oh, and for good measure here's a decent pic of the Batcave set. Gonna be a loooooong wait until June. Not long enough that I'll be able to save up half what I need to buy all this awesome stuff, but still, pretty long. Thanks to Big Jim Slade for the tip! (Via The Brick Life)