Diamond Head by Michael Ng

Shooting a detailed picture of Diamond Head could be a challenge. Usually shot from afar with the skyline of Waikiki, the details of the crater are often washed out by the sun. Taken at sunrise, all you get is shadow as it rise from behind.  This shot was captured around 4pm from Kapiolani Regional Park right at the base. I found that getting this close kept the details and also provided a non-traditional view that many vistors never venture to see.

Diamond Head from Kapiolani Regional Park

Golden Gate Bridge IV & V by Michael Ng

Revisited the Golden Gate Bridge again recently. "I feel" my captures are getting better and better each time. Maybe it's my focus is getting sharper, maybe it's my location or the clouds in the sky. I do know for sure that I'm understanding post processing a lot better but they also go hand in hand. Post processing can only help so much if the capture is not ideal.


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Looking back at many of my previous captures of the Golden Gate Bridge, I can see progression in quality.  With this set I almost like both of them equally.  I like the sharpness of the towers in first image at the same time I like the slight softness to the second. Kinda gives it that dreamy look without going over the top where the colors come in too hot and glowing like my first attempt, which now I'm really disliking.