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Force Awakens Deleted Scenes Photos at by Michael Ng

A number of deleted scenes from Star Wars The Force Awakens will be included on the Blu-ray when it releases on April 5th. One in particular I'm interested in seeing is with Kylo Ren visiting a crashed Millennium Falcon and has a an emotional remembrance aboard.

Star Wars’ Droid Factory coming to Disneyland Park by Michael Ng

Walt Disney World in Florida usually gets all the cool new exclusives that come with Star Wars Weekends. More than likely because they have the space to accomodate. Finally though  Disneyland will be getting their own Star Wars Droid Factory installed in Tomorrowland on April 13th. This is where you can build your own Star Wars Astromech amongst 71 different parts (domes, bodies, legs) in a variety of colors. Time to booked that summer trip!

J.J. Abrams to Direct Star Wars VII? by Michael Ng

Rumors are circulating the net that J.J. Abrams or

Star Trek

fame will be directing the new

Star Wars VII

film. Although several news sources have reposted the same story that originated from

The Wrap

, Lucasfilm or

com have neither confirmed or deny whether it's true or not. So until then it will remain a rumor.

News about the franchise has been coming out of quite often since the acquisition of Lucasfilm from Disney was finalized last month. Whatever the case both Disney and Lucasfilm have quite a lot to do still to keep true to the 2015 release date.

What do you think of the possibility of J.J. Abrams directing both the

Star Trek


Star Wars

franchises. Can both sci-fi dramas coexist in one man's head?


Lucasfilm has just confirmed

the news. J.J. Abrams is the director!