Disney reveals new Star Tours destinations / by Michael Ng

Planet Hoth. Photo courtesy of Disney.
Disney unveiled some of the new destinations featured in the revamped Star Tours ride that is set to open this summer at Disneyland.
Crews are now transforming the 1987 ride into a 3D journey through space based on the “Star Wars” movies — the original trilogy and the three prequels. The ride is scheduled to debut June 3.
The new sites, announced on the Disney Parks blog, are:

  • The planet of Naboo.
  • The Wookiee planet of Kashyyyk.
  • The planet Hoth, which is in “The Empire Strikes Back.” See photo, courtesy of Disney.
  • The Death Star above the planet Geonosis.
Previously, Disney revealed that the journey also would go to Tatooine for the Podrace and Coruscant.
In all, the ride will offer 54 different experiences, depending on the journey and the scenes taken. See a previous story about Star Tours journeys. Disneyland closed Star Tours in July to begin construction.
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